We are The Booksmiths - book production specialists

Margaret Woodhouse and Susan Buckland have a wide range of professional book-production skills. We have years of experience writing, editing, proofreading, illustrating, designing, organising book and print production, as well as promotion, web design and public relations.

We can manage any aspect of the book, magazine or brochure project you have in mind, from concept to completion. And because we have access to other authors and editors and illustrators and designers and, of course, printers, it doesn't matter how large the project is – or how small – we can sort out your project in a way that works for you.

- small and large run, national and international, paperback to hardcover


Catalogues and brochures

Business histories

Personal memoirs

Even your website!

Cat's Tales from Shakespeare
The 9-Life Habits of Highly Effective Cats
The Fascination Principle
Cancer - Don't Buy its Terror Tactics
Portraits of a District
Jim Bleat for Prime Minister
The Latex Cat
The Female Semaphore
The Rise and Fall of Weaseldomderry

And because we're a dedicated pair of book lovers, we specialise in mentoring you through your book project, making it a stress free print-production experience that won't cost the earth.